1 6 t h  C  O   M  M  O  N  W  E  A  L  T  H    G A  M  E S


In 11 - 21 September 1998, our country, Malaysia has successfully hosted the most prestigious sporting event ever, the 16th Commonwealth Games.

The Games Mascot is Wira (‘warrior’ in English), the loveable orang-utan. Orang-utans are found in the jungles of Sabah and Sarawak. Highly intelligent, the orang-utan characterises charm and sporting ability; Wira outstandingly project the personality of Malaysia as a host.

1) It's me and Kimmy in our national stadium, the Bukit Jalil Stadium. Packed with almost 100,000 thousands of spectators...great atmosphere here.

2) Click on this pic for a bigger one, you would feel the excitement on Kuala Lumpur '98...

3) Click on this pic for a bigger one, the jovial atmosphere outside our national stadium on the opening ceremony.

4) Karen Khew & my wife, Kimmy Ho. Kimmy always goes wild whenever she sees firework display.

5) Disney's Mickey & Friends had this musical tour on our 16th Commonwealth Games. We all (Karen, Kimmy & I) had a wonderful childish time here.

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