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  A Brief Introduction About Us
Helloooo! Whoever you are, visitor, friend, or our beloved relative, it will always gives us great pleasure to have this opportunity to introduce ourselves and also to share some of our happy moments in our life with you.

A sincere welcome to our dearest visitors to our prideful newly launched personal site, AAKI's Site.

I now can actually declared this small piece of "Land" in this World Wide Web, a place to call it "home, ...my home sweet home", this Site will be storing tons of happy photos of us, our families, friends, and et cetera, where I can proudly recall back those special memories which I had with them from time to time, whenever I surf into this "Home" of mine.

Yes indeed, this is just another personal site on this World Wide Web. I believes, it would be just as interesting as other Sites, if someone really care to know the lives of others, culturally.

  About my wife...
My wife, Kimmy
Name : Kimmy Ho Kim Yoke
Age : 22
Birthday : 1/8/1976
Nationality : Malaysia
Race : Chinese Malaysian
Speaks : Cantonese, English, Bahasa Malaysia and Hakka (Chinese dialect)
Presently staying : Kajang, Kuala Lumpur.
Karate : Shito-Ryu (1st brown belt, a belt just below black belt). Actively involved in Karate during secondary school time. She is in the final step to black belt ranking, but for some unavoidable reasons, she did not take part in the test to become a black belt holder.
Education : High school graduate.
Hobbies : Swimming, movies, listening to new-age music, readings, and she said not forgeting talking & smiling...(she considered these her "hobby" too... hmmm?)   :)
Favourite singers : Celine Dion, Alan Tam and 911
Favourite game at the moment : Theme Hospital


  About me...
It's me
Name : Aaron Lam Yew Mun
Age : 28
Birthday : 2/4/1970
Nationality : Malaysia
Race : Chinese Malaysian
Speaks : Cantonese, English, Bahasa Malaysia and a bit of Hakka (Chinese dialect)

I beg your pardon, my writing English is not good, I just "simply Taruk" (freely wrote) only.

Presently staying : Kajang, Kuala Lumpur.
Education : High school graduate.  Art college graduate.
Hobbies : Website designing, computer games, movies, music, readings, and swimming.
Favourite singers : Chage&Aska, Miwa Yoshida, The BeeGees and Celine Dion
Favourite game at the moment : StarCraft